About Me

Hi, I am Ruchi a medical technologist by profession, makeup enthusiast and most excitingly a foodie. I always had an appetite for a flavorful food (who doesn’t right?) but was not into much of a cooking. My mom is a marvelous cook, she has inspired me to become a little bit of cook I am today.  When I decided to come to US for my further education I had no idea of  how much I will be missing my folks , my home and every single  meal my  mom cooked for us. That’s when the inner chef emerged: D. Food is the only means that keeps me closer to my home. I didn’t start this journey with a perfect cooking skills; I still learn new things every time I step into my kitchen. Cooking is like a therapy for me, it makes me happy even when I am not feeling  my best. I love food photography as well. The day I prepare a great tasting food and take a nice picture of my food plate, I am very much gratified. I am happy like a baby. By no means I call myself a professional cook, but through this blog I would like to share the cooking scenes that takes place in my kitchen. I hope you will enjoy it and thanks for stopping by.